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  1. Jaw Jaw needs you!

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    Do you want to get involved in a singing or movement (dance) project with a difference?

    Do you live in East/ West/ Mid Devon, Teignbridge or South Hams?

    We are looking for people who don’t tend to go out much to join us for a series of online creative workshops, and meet-ups where you can have fun getting involved in group activities such as singing or well as virtual book clubs and journaling for wellbeing. The Jaw Jaw project connects you with a range of weekly workshops led by creative artists and meet-ups with leaders from Devon, all without having to leave home!

    How it works

    We’ll deliver a video communication device to your door, with instructions on how to set it up (we’ll keep it simple). All you need is a good internet connection in your house, and we’ll be able to set you up for video and chat communications. Every week for 6 weeks you’ll be able to access live workshops delivered by Wren Music and Jane Mason. Both are well known Devon based performing arts organisations. Wren Music is a leader in choral  singing and the folk music of Devon with many years of experience in exciting community based activity,  Jane Mason is a contemporary dance choreographer who will lead dance and movement workshops in this project.  No previous skills in either art form is required from the participants. The content of the workshops will be adapted to whoever is in the group, and our experienced leaders will work with you to get the most out of the sessions.

    What do we need from you?

    Jaw Jaw is a pilot project- we’re hoping to understand more about the possibilities of digital connection for people who are isolated by geographical, mobility or other health issues, yet who still want to engage in creative activity. We will ask you to complete a (fairly simple) questionnaire (either online or via a phone call) at the start, middle and end of the project, and all equipment will be provided for the duration of the pilot project (6 weeks). There is no charge, and we will arrange for the delivery and pick up of the equipment.

    Interested in finding out more?

    Contact Mair on