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Number-crunching our Autumn season, before ViA Spring gets underway…


A autumn of diverse professional entertainment on your village doorstep comes to a close with Angel Heart puppet theatre in Lympstone on 4th December. Our audiences have ranged from 7 week old babies to music lovers pushing into their tenth decade. Funding cuts last spring forced us to reduce how much we subsidise the shows, but the vast majority of promoters have still made an income from their events, which they’ll use to support their hall and community.

At time of writing, ten villages had events that were totally sold out, though there are more expected as we receive event report forms. The feedback on these sheets has been especially delightful to read, with some audience members describing Told by an Idiot and Ninebarrow as the best shows they have seen in their hall in 22 years of ViA.

That said, it is important to note that 22 villages felt it was too much of a financial risk to host an artist in their hall this autumn, given the revised costs of doing so. In many cases the villages in question were the very locations where a ViA show can do the most good (isolated villages with decreasing public services and an ageing population). Please do continue to advocate for our charity with your local district council, the Arts Council of England and anyone who might be able to donate. We want world-class arts to be available to all the communities in our scheme.

After a brief hiatus for Christmas, our spring season will get going in January. The Neil Maya Quartet will be in Mary Tavy on 19th January, bringing you jazz from the repertoire of Dave Brubeck among other legends. Book ahead to avoid ending up on a waiting list as so many others did this autumn. Have a wonderful festive season.

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The Villages in Action Team

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