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RSVP Bhangra Band

Saturday 10th November 2018

RSVP is a Bhangra band that blends traditional Punjabi celebratory folk music with Western musical influences to create a sound that is unusual when heard by mainstream listeners, but none of that matters, because their ability to perform to a crowd is perfect. Their stage personalities are lovable, the Asian drumbeats are infectious, and the Western slant gives the crowd something unique to enjoy.

With musicians drawn from one family, wholly rooted in an authentic living tradition, yet unafraid to innovate, this is the ultimate celebratory Indian music. RSVP will be bringing their Big Bhangra Beats and engaging, interactive vibe so be prepared to learn some Bhangra grooves and moves and get ready to party.

Rattery Village Hall
Tickets from 01364 72597 / 07879 438769

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RSVP Bhangra Band

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