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Scratchworks Theatre – WOMANS (Like Romans, but with a ‘W’)

Friday 29th March 2019

46 BC, Ancient Rome. Our hero, Leta has been declared a traitor. Her punishment is worse than death, ‘Damnatio Memoriae’ – to be erased from history. Whilst noble Gladiators and infamous Emperors around her are becoming legends, her name will be forgotten forever.

Join Leta’s journey to reclaim her place in the history books, from crashing the Colosseum to bargaining with Brutus, she will go to the ends of the empire to make her mark. A feast for the eyes and the ears with physical comedy, clowning and original music, WOMANS is a raucous tale of the first female resistance.

29th March @ 7.30pm
Crediton Arts Centre
Tickets: Adult £9, Child £7, Benefits £7, Family £25
Call 01363 773260 or book online at

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