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Sunday 29th August 2021

Troy – something BC. A young bull herder accidentally eats a golden apple. Three Goddesses aren’t happy. And then 10 years later a city burns. 

Obviously, a lot happened between these points (and also before and, not surprisingly, afterwards), all of which will be revealed for the first time in well over a millennium as Assembleth Theatre take you on a journey through the Trojan War as you’ve never seen it before. The sort-of truth behind Achilles heel, a doorless wooden horse, the twelve accidental labours of Hercules and more will be revealed as the history of one of the most important conflicts of the ancient world comes to life. 

“A very funny 60-minute romp through mythology with much stomping about and clattering of swords. There’s carnage, chaos and a huge amount of humour as five Drake’s Drummers [now Assembleth Theatre] populate Greece, Troy and a doorless wooden horse.” British Theatre Guide

60 minutes. Suitable for older children who enjoy knockabout comedy and history.

Sunday 29th August @ 4.00pm
The Beehive, Honiton

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