From Devon With Love Festival 2021

From Devon With Love is a scratch performance festival for Devon-based artists. The festival supports some of the region’s best talent to test new work in front of a live audience. Originally established by The Bike Shed Theatre, we are relaunching this well-loved festival as a Devon-wide scheme to extend performance opportunities into rural communities.

The Get- Together

The Get-Together is a heart-warming, uplifting, singalonga-soul show from Mama Tokus. The show features soulful, gospel-style vocals and infectious music from multiple singers and performers. There is humour and talk interspersed with the singing, and the show’s stated mission is to spread joy

The Earth Gnomes

Can you be as stealthy as an Earth Gnome? As fierce as a witch? Who will you choose to trust, and what will you save? The story is all up to you! As a story-maker, you'll roll giant dice to see how your choices play out.

Once, in a land not too far from you now, the rocks of the Earth Gnomes were taken. They woke in anger, determined to take something back. Want to know how the story ends? So do we! You choose the path in The Earth Gnomes, an all-ages interactive storytelling based on local folk tales.

Contraband Sandwich

In 1965 there was a hearing like no other. Astronaut John Young smuggled a sandwich into space. And NASA was pissed. Just like NASA, we will be asking why. Why did he risk his career for a sandwich? Why did NASA have such a stringent sandwich policy? Was it delicious?

Contraband Sandwich playfully re-imagines the moment and aftermath of when John Young smuggled a corned beef sandwich onto the Gemini 3 rocket. 


Suthering is a folk duo made up of Heg Brignall and Julu Irvine. Their songs tell stories and champion female characters, creating new narratives for women which uphold and unearth the female heroines of folk.

Suthering’s music has a strong emphasis on close vocal harmonies with stripped back a cappella songs featuring in their live shows and recordings. The duo have just finished recording their debut album which is due for release in February 2022.

Cut Out

Cut Out is a new show from Emma Baskeyfield that uses visual storytelling, multi-operator puppetry and cowboy stories to explore why we choose to keep some people in our lives, and cut out others. From Emma’s lived experiences, the show touches on themes of dementia, childhood trauma, neglect and emotional abuse, but also with giant budgie puppets, massive pop up books, and climactic western shootouts!

Stuck On My Eyes

A lo-fi spoken-word comedy musical from poet Chris White and musician Hal Kelly, which tells the stories of 3 characters as they attempt to prepare for the apocalypse. Stuck On My Eyes is a funny, chaotic heart-warming show that subverts ideas of the musical genre, and asks the audience - what would you do if you had just 5 years left?


The StoryExplorers

The StoryExplorers is a new collaboration between Pip Jones (Skylarker) and James Richardson (Angel Heart Theatre) involving performance, storytelling and puppetry. It is centred around their ingenious StoryGenerator, with its secret compartments and cabinets of curiosities. Pip and James play intrepid explorers who have travelled the world collecting stories which they tell with the help of their wonderful machine. 

The Secret Notes

The Secret Notes mix instrumental folk that includes Irish, Celtic and Eastern European styles with traditional and original songs. The music spans from ambient soundscapes to lively dance tunes. Their use of 'live' looping and electronic effects with an occasional arrangement of a popular tune is part of their approach to bring a memorable and uplifting experience to audiences.