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January – New Year, new programme!

January is named after Janus, the Roman god of new beginnings, who in turn got his name from ianua, the Latin word for door.

Open the door of your local library over the next fortnight and collect your very own ViA Spring Programme! You’ll find it’s a papery portal into eye-opening performance…packed full of gate, access-ible shows, entry-ting the most door-mant of culture vultures to take a look (OK, we’ll stop now).

Alternatively you can see our spring programme here…/uploa…/VIA-Spring-2016-2.pdf It’s not too late to take any puppet-friendly children you’re associated with to “Freya, A Viking Saga” in Rattery, Ilsington, Crediton or Chudleigh, or indeed “Monkey” at Northleigh, Lympstone or Littlehempston. Then February gets off to a rousing start with Zulu Tradition giving Afro-spirituals some welly at Lustleigh Vilage Hall on Wednesday 3rd.

February, incidentally, derives from the Latin word, februum for cleaning or purification, but as that makes us think of the pine needles we haven’t hoovered  up yet, we’ll leave the puns there. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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