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Villages in Action works through a network of wonderful and dedicated volunteer promoters. Without them the events just wouldn’t happen!

How Villages in Action works

Villages in Action is a rural touring scheme that brings top quality professional arts events and professionally-run arts workshops to communities in Devon. We work with local volunteers to select and present an exciting programme of events right in the heart of our communities.

We hold menu parties twice a year, in April and September, and this is where Promoters get the opportunity to book shows for the forthcoming season, to hear details of the shows, listen to clips and meet some of the performers who come along to give short extracts or talk about their shows.

The list of shows (the menu) includes music, theatre, dance, storytelling and family shows of all different genres and these will be presented at the party.  All the details about the show are contained in the menu brochure.

After you have made your choices from the menu, we will confirm the dates with the artists, and issue you with a confirmation contract. We send you two copies, and ask you to fill in details such as performance start time, box office telephone number. This is really important as it’s used in our season brochure. You then return both copies to us; we’ll sign them off and return one copy to you for your records.

Once you’ve returned your contract, we will send out the artist’s contracts, and give them your contact details for publicity materials.

You will be paying a minimum fee or 80% of the box office takings, which ever is the greater figure. You keep the other 20% and any sales from refreshments, raffles etc.

After the show, we need to you complete a box office return form detailing your ticket sales and send it back to us along with a cheque.

How to bring Villages in Action to my village

If your village would like to join the ViA Scheme, please get in touch with Claire Marshall on 01209 312500 or  by emailing

Our promoters are often part of an established Village Hall Committee but not always. We also have stand-alone promoters, so have a think about what model would best suit your community and join, or set-up, a group of like-minded people and call us for a chat.

If your village is already part of the scheme and you want to get more involved, speak to your local village promoter and find out what needs doing. There are many ways in which you can help and we guarantee that your local promoter will be delighted!  From marketing the event, setting up, providing hospitality and accommodation, stocking and running the bar, selling raffle tickets, clearing up in the hall, taking the posters down afterwards… the list is infinite!


Downloads for Promoters

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